Galschiøts signs

The big sign including the sculptures (Left to right) “Survival of the fattest”, “H. C. Andersen”, “Unbearable”, “Pillar of Shame”, “Freedom to pollute”, “In the name of God” and “My inner beast”.

Galschiøt has made a number of unique sculptures sold to provide    financing for a brown motorway sign, crossing Odense from the highway and for a restructuring of the Gallery. The signs and rebuilding cost us alot to make. That’s why we started this art  crowdfunding project.

Read about the project here.

The signs have been approved, and some of them have already been put up.

These signs will help our gallery a lot, since we are one of the only art institutions, who receive no subsidies from state, municipality or foundations.

The big brown sign is being put up on the highway across Funen, at the Tietgen exit towards Odense. The sign is 3 x 3 meters, and show some of Galschiøts most famous sculptures.

We finance all our huge projects at our own expense, and this gives us a tremendous independence that we are both proud and very pleased with. A wild place like Gallery Galschiøt is not suitable for being dependent on anyone. But it is often difficult to make ends meet, and for a long time we have considered how we could make the gallerys economy more stable. We earn a living by selling sculptures, arranging conferences, meetings and concerts, giving lectures and teaching at our art school. In addition, we rent our buildings to homes and commercial premises. We have had 20,000 visitors in 2018, but we would like more. At the same time, we are rebuilding so that we can make larger conferences and concerts.

This is why we last year had negotiations with the States Public Roads Administration and the City of Odense, about the possibility of a signage in the public space and approval for 4 – 500 people in the gallery.

Now everything is finally happening, and we are more than excited and proud! Thank you to every one supporting.