The Messenger

The Messenger, a 5 metre tall bronze sculpture, was inaugurated on the 29 February, 2000, in the central square of Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. The sculpture was made as a plea to the worldwide Jubilee 2000 campaign in favor of cancelling the world’s poorest countries’ hopeless debts.
The sculpture is a monument and a symbol of a Messenger from the South. An archetypal woman with Masai-like stature equipped with cloak and staff. She is placed on a cylinder with engravings similar to rock carvings.

Two digital displays show the flow of money from North to South and vice versa. Contrary to popular belief, the South-to-North flow is dominant: for each dollar transferred from North to South 12 dollars flow back the opposite way. This is based on data from the World Bank.



  • Concept 


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