Jens Galschiot is a Danish artist, whose expression covers from jewellery and figures to gigantic, politically charged sculptures.
He creates international happenings to highlight the present imbalance in the world from Hong Kong and Mexico to Europe and U.S.A.

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“Pillar of shame” exhibitioned in front of the danish parliament on 23 January 2020.
Press release (DK) , Press release (ENG)

Brown motorway sign with a political message

Galschiøt has made a number of unique sculptures sold to provide    financing for a brown motorway sign, crossing Odense from the motorway and for a restructuring of the Gallery. All the signs are now up and we are ready to see you all at the gallery

30th anniversary of the 1989 Chinese Tiananmen Square protests

‘June Fourth Incident’ or 六四事件, liùsì shìjiàn

The 4th of June 2019, we remember the chinese lifes lost in the tragic attempt at silencing the student-led demonstrations against the Communist-led Chinese government. The students fought for the establishment of basic human and press rights. We at Gallery Galschiøt, are not forgetting

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