About Gallery Galschiøt's 400 m2 exhibition hall

Here you can be lucky to see a bronze or silver casting. The foundry can handle castings from quite a few grams up to 300 kg. It is Denmark's third largest sculpture foundry, but it is mainly only used to cast Galschiøt's own sculptures and smaller sculptures from the bronze and silver casting courses held at the local art schools.

The workshop is an expert in various types of casting, and is the only place in the country that trains precious metal casters, and work is done with e.g. galvanic casting, vacuum casting, sling casting and traditional brick casting.

Adjacent to the foundry is a small exhibition hall of 150 m2, which is used to test set up the large art installations. In the window area of ​​the hall you can also see one of the most beautiful glass mosaics in Denmark.

The glass mosaic is part of Galschiøt's art collection and consists of three large stained glass paintings from approx. 1895, made in Art Nouveau style and originates from a southern German church.

Opening hours:

Manday to friday: 9 - 17

Saterday: Closed

Sunday: 12-16

Summer holidays - week 28-32

Sunday to friday: 12-17

Saterday: closed


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Jens Galschiøt / Galleri Galschiøt

Banevænget 22, 5270 Odense N


Tlf: (+45) 6618 4058

E-mail: aidoh@aidoh.dk



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